Monday, August 3, 2009

Getting Organized

Many things must take place before cutting the first mortise and tenon on this new shop. I have read many books including Jack Sobon's book. Peter Galbert from New York has been very helpful in planning. Check out Peter's blog. I decided to go with an 18' x 36' footprint with 4 bents and 3 bays. Using a 12/12 pitch roof. I even built a small model to work out all the details. No I am not building it like the model now.

Gathering certain tools such as a chain mortiser, 16'' beam saw, slicks, mortise chisels, mallets, commanders, and other measuring tools has been fun and expensive but so far worth it. My biggest obstacle has been time. If I only had more time. I think I am organized enough at this point to start using the tools.

Most of the wood has been cut and ready to work. We have had a lot of rain this summer and as you can see in the background I have tried to keep water off of the subfloor the best I can. Stay tuned for the next post which should show some progress.

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