Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Class Schedule for 2016

First of all I want to say I'm still here.........lots of you asked about blog entries and I look forward to getting back to more writing. I have a friend working on a new website for me which will update some much needed information. I have been posting lots of pictures on Insta Gram since my last blog entry.
 I'm glad to say I have finally put together a class schedule for windsor chairs for next summer 2016. Each class can have up to 4 students. Lunch is provided each day and the price of the class includes all materials. Some chairs can be made as a rocker but I will need to know ahead of time to turn the correct legs. All turnings will be provided. Thanks for following and I hope to see you in class next year.

Monday, April 20, 2015


Sorry for the lack of posts latley. I have been busy with classes and chair orders. I hope to meet a lot of you at Handworks in Amana, Iowa next month. I plan to have turning sets available for purchase and some miniature windsors. I also plan to demo some seat carving and other greenwood chairmaking activities. Please join me in the greenwood barn.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Fan Back Class in June

I have 2 openings for the June 22-27th 2015 Fan Back class.

Monday, January 12, 2015

The Roof.....and more

I finally put a finished roof on the little shed before winter set in. I wanted to do a split shake roof but time did not allow. It has been almost a year open to the weather so I needed a roof quick and with all the teaching and chairs to make this will have to do. This is usually my life. Not enough time but I have fun.
 The first step was black tar paper to cover the rough sawn boards. This keeps you from seeing the foam insulation between the boards on the inside. Then the 2'' insulation goes on and then plywood.
 Another layer of tar paper then the asphalt shingles go on.
 Earlier in the fall I went to Marc Adams school in Indianapolis to teach a weekend live edge bench class. This is a two day class which was lots of fun.
 My son Logan came along to be my assistant. He loves working with people and talking to the students. His favorite thing all weekend was probably the hamburger at The Oak and Barrel. That boy loves to eat!
 One guy had to leave early and finished his bench on Saturday. I think he had to go to a Colts game.
 I brought the turnings but the students drilled, reamed and installed the undercarriage. Sounds simple but a lot is learned about the lower end of Windsors. I plan to add some of these weekend classes this year at my shop.
Back home in the shop I got to build a rocker for Bob Britton, a friend of George Gruhns. Another great customer who I had the pleasure to meet. I have many more chairs to make in the near future.
 Recently I had Travis Curtis here build a sack back rocker. I make this a 6 day class but Travis completed the chair in 5 days. Not bad for his first chair. He came back on day 6 to paint the chair. This was a first for Pennington Windsor Chairs. I have the best students.
 I'll be taking a short break from teaching to get caught up on the 30 or so chairs I have been commissioned to build for several customers. Winter has been very busy so far but I love the work.