Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Weekend Bench

One of the many joys of teaching is getting to work with people who really want to learn. My wife teaches 2nd grade and lots of her students are not always as enthusiastic as mine. I always come away from these classes having learned more than I knew before either about chair making, tools, or just the human spirit. I also get to clean my shop as you can see below which is all ready for the class I did on live edge benches last weekend.

I had Bob and Shane here last weekend, two friends from Mississippi. They were a joy to have here and Bob got my #5 Stanley cutting really sweet. He had a way of getting tools really sharp. You should check out his blog here. The Christian Tool Cabinet
 Shane finished the edges of his walnut bench with a gouge which I thought looked great.
 They both did so well that for the first time in my teaching history we put on a finish of oil/ varnish in class.
 The class was a great success and I know these guys probably went home and slept really long. They worked really hard. Great job guys!

Also I encourage you to sign up for the November writing arm class. I have a few spots left and if you like a challenge to build something very unique now is the time to sign up. See the class schedule at  the top of this blog. I have other classes available as well.