Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lost Treasure

I think the picture says it all. The biggest Bur Oak in Tennessee lies behind me never again to shade the landscape as it had for the past 200 years. As you can see it was hollow way up the trunk and 80 mile per hour winds from a storm last Thursday night was just too much. When I heard about this tree it was if I had just lost a close friend who I thought would always be there. You can't blame anyone for this. It was just time for this tree to go. But it still breaks my heart to know I won't see this tree in town anymore. The mayor in town has already contacted me about making something special from this tree. My sawmill can only handle the branches so stay tuned to see what we decide to make.

On a happier note Logan's little league team the "Muckdogs" have finished the season undefeated, 12 and 0. Logan is the lead pitcher and lead off batter. Yes, I am a proud father. This was the last year Logan can play little league baseball and I will sure miss going to the park for games. 

I have several chairs to finish and build and much to prepare for in the shop. It has been so hot that working in the shop has not been so bad. I do look forward to lighting up the wood stove again.
The garden has done well this year and soon I will be building a garden tool shed based on the timber frame in Jack Sobon's book. Logan and I have been collecting flat stones for the foundation lately around the local creeks. I will travel back up to Indiana soon to start milling all the timber for the shed. I will post more on this later.