Monday, September 30, 2013

Logan's First chair

My son came to me one day and wanted to learn to build a chair...............

 I apologize for all the photos but I am a proud father. Logan took this chair to school as a school project in history. They were studying the period 1700-1800. He asked his teacher if he could make a chair for his project and the teacher simply said, "If you can".........well, he did.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

8 Shiny New Windsor Chairs

I just returned from another fun filled week of chair making bliss assisting Peter Galbert. I know, you only see 7 chairs because one guy skipped out before we shot the photo. We were in Indianapolis at Marc Adams School of Woodworking with six days and 8 great students. These guys hardly even asked questions. 
 I brought a sack back chair to Marcs to perform a painting demo for the students. The chair was going to a customer up in Michigan. I hate crating chairs so I called my friend Carl who lives in Long Beach, Indiana to drop off the finished chair. My customer picked up the chair from Carl which saved him shipping fees.
 I had to show Carl's fantastic stone work. He has completed all this by hand. Even the 700 pound steps he moved using PVC pipes. You may remember Carl at both of my barn raisings. It's so nice to have friends that are this talented. Thanks again Carl (and Mary for dinner).