Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Rubber Trees

Nothing puts me in a better mood than wood that splits and bends well. Today was one of those days. It started with two complete failures. True, we don't improve unless we fail first. I had some left over very tight grain white oak trying to bend some hoop back chair backs. These usually do pretty nice but this wood did not comply. My point of failure had to be due to floating the draw knife in and out of growth rings due to the fact that they were so darn close together. Yes, always blame the wood, right? About noon today I called my log guy in Scottsville, Ky. to see if he had the good stuff. He happened to have a yard full of white oaks but a buyer was coming tomorrow to get them all. So me, the trailor, check book in hand were heading north. Mitch, the log guy, has to be the most accommodating human I have ever met. He has never ending patience and the knowledge to help me choose the right log. He even knows the different species and which ones bend the best. "Get the one with the big flaky bark" he says. Loaded and back on the road in 25 minutes only $62 less in my pocket. I couldn't wait so I split the log on the trailor. Right down the middle with no twist. I bet both halves weighed the same. I continued to split until I had that 59'' long back piece for the hoop back. An hour later and I had complete bending bliss. I had found the rubber tree.