Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Next Steps

I have been wanting to finish the loft on the other side of the shop for some time. The other loft has an attic pull down and has proven very difficult to carry things up or down so a real set of stairs is a must. This is the last empty corner big enough for the steps. No windows and just enough room over the back door. I had to move the library but there will be plenty of room upstairs later for it.
I dusted off the old chain mortiser to create the pockets for the floor joist. 3 x 6 beams of red oak (from the same log as the other side loft) worked great for the floor. It's always fun working with the timber frame tools. It's such a simple way to build and very strong. Notice the strong checking that has occured since raising the frame back in 2009. They claim this does not affect strength.
Here is a shot of all the floor joist mortised in place. I connected the two lofts with a walk way so I don't have to use the attic stairs ever again.
The stairs are all red oak from a tree I cut last spring. The stairs work great but watch your head on that brace on your way up. Soon I will complete the railings and flooring up stairs. I might put the band saw up there along with a place to paint chairs and of coarse a lot of storage. I have almost doubled the size of the shop. Now I need to get back to making some chairs.