Thursday, December 20, 2012

Winter and the last day of the world!

  Winter is finally here and I guess the world will end tomorrow which is too bad because I just bought a gallon of milk. I hate waste. I have not posted in a while and I am sorry. Lots of interesting things are going on around the shop. Jet tools chose my shop to shoot videos for a new lathe they are coming out with. Nick Cook came up from Atlanta to set it up. He is a class act guy and really knows turning. It was a lot of fun spending two days with him and the good folks from Jet. I never knew how much it took to shoot a 15 minute video. Look for the video soon. I did my best acting of my career. I think we are going to do more videos on upcoming new tools.

  This is Ziggy and April at the shop each making a chair. They live at the Dancing Rabbit. They build cob homes and teach timber frame workshops. Check out Ziggy's blog "The Year of Mud"

Here is a table I recently finished for a local customer. It is a Nakashima style table out of curly cherry. A nice break from chairs to build something flat for a change. I really like this joinery he uses on his furniture. I would have liked to have met George Nakashima.

I have lots of chairs to build including a high chair, some sack backs, comb backs, and a walnut side table. I also have some classes scheduled. If you haven't done so already check out Kelly Mehler's school which may still have some openings. I'll be helping Peter Galbert and Curtis Buchanan next summer in two different classes. I promise it will be fun. 
For those of you interested in timber framing I'll be constructing a garden tool shed this spring. I'll be cutting the timber very soon. I also plan on cutting all the roof shingles on a new attachment for the saw mill. This is of coarse if the world doesn't end tomorrow.

Stay tuned.