Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Preparing for Winter

Well, while the squirrels are packing away nuts for the winter I have been cutting firewood. Last year I ran out. This year I will not.
With the help from a log splitter that Bill Nelson's father built I made quick and easy work of a whole mess of firewood. Lately I have been cutting lots of wood on the sawmill which takes me to the next stop.

 Craig Nutt who makes incredible furniture with such artistic vision to a level I could never achieve called me the other day to see if I could help him saw about 20 logs. Hows that for an introduction? He really is that good. We conveniently picked the hottest day of the year to do this but we survived. The tractor really helped.
 As I sawed Craig and his assistant (I have forgot his name) unloaded and stacked the wood.
 Craig gave me this sweet white oak log which I split to find really nice chair wood. No mill for this guy.
 I also got my hands on some really nice Catalpa logs. These came from Bill Nelson in Indiana. If you have never carved Catalpa for chair seats then you are missing out on one of the great pleasures in life. It reminds me of Butternut, need I say more. These beauties sawed out 18-20'' wide and very clear.

 Now I just have to wait a couple seasons before I can tear into them.........................
Now back in the shop, here is a quick tip on holding the crest while cleaning it up with spokeshaves and scrapers. Leave it on the form to clean the back.
 Cut out a simple jig to hold it while you clean the front. This keeps you from dinging it up in the shave horse or vise.
 A couple clamps on one end makes easy work of this. Use the rubber, plastic Irwin clamps.
 Good luck!