Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Turning / Sack Back Class @ KMSW

I recently returned from a two week stint at Kelly Mehler's school in Berea, Ky. I was fortunate enough to assist Pete Galbert again. The first week consisted of spindle turning and tuning chair making tools. I brought all the materials which included the maple logs you see below. Students were able to turn green maple freshly split from the log by yours truly. It was a great work out.
Kelly had 9 lathes set up in the machine room. Everyone seemed to enjoy the sharpened tools with the maple. Pete did a fantastic job building everyone's confidence.

I was really impressed at how far the students improved with their turnings as the week went by. Pete has a natural ability to get people to turn with ease.
The second week involved making a Sack Back windsor chair. During the week Peter had me building his ratcheting shavehorse ideas. My new horse was the guinea pig and man did that pay off. Below you can see one of the prototypes. This version failed due to a weak section of walnut. A newer version in hard maple and we were in business. The final shave horse felt perfect while shaving spindles and was solid as a rock.

Everyone left with a completed chair and a smile. This was a great group of chair makers.

Peter had all the students sign the bottom of the demo chair which he painted and presented to Kelly at the end of the class.

Thanks again Kelly and Pete for another awesome class.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Table Class Offered

Recently I had 3 students in a Sheraton style table class here at the shop. A small walnut table with a crotch front dovetailed drawer. The legs were turned and the dovetails were cut by hand. Mortise and tenons and a good lesson in padding shellac. Overall the class was very successful and they learned a lot about hand tools and taking raw lumber to a finished piece.

Here below you see Keith, (me standing), Pete, and Skipper. They were a great group of guys to teach. They were all very focused and fun to cut up with. I think I will offer this class again in the near future. It is a good break from chairs but I look forward to getting back to curves and angles.
I just returned from Berea, Ky. at Kelly Mehler's school helping Peter Galbert for two weeks of turning and chair making. I'll post some pictures very soon.