Friday, April 1, 2011

Berea Bound

Well, we did it. The turnings are done. Below you see Pete Wiens and myself with everything done. Pete did half of the double bobbin legs. Pete is an accomplished turner who just finished a comb back class and decided to help me over this mountain. Thanks Pete!
This is what happens after you have completed over 200 turnings in one week. Your brain decides to do something useless but artisitc. Besides, when will I have so many turnings in one place again.

Everything is ready to go to Berea, Ky. to help with Pete Galbert's class at Kelly Mehler's. This has been great fun turning and splitting chair parts for 26 chairs. I look forward to the 2 classes we are doing and the awesome food Kelly provides. I have said it before, if you haven't been to one of Kelly Mehler's classes you are missing a fantastic opportunity. See everyone in a few weeks!