Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Back to School

Preparing to head to Kelly Mehler's for Peter Galbert's class I picked up this sweet maple log today to rive up into leg stock for the shave horses we will be making. I bet I looked through 1000 logs til I stumbled upon this one. Maple this time of year can be scarce around here because the log yard saws them quickly to keep them from staining. They saw most of their maple for hard wood flooring.

 I sawed this into 22'' lengths. White almost to the center the way I like em.
 This log has proved to be a winner, no curl.
 I will round these into simple turnings for the shave horses.
 This is Fell Merwin who recently finished his chair here in class. Fell is one of those students who can do anything which makes teaching easy. He lives near by and has a wood lot. We talked about sharpening up my cross-cut saw and cutting a tree for his next chair that we will document. Fell is also my photographer for my chairs. This should be a fun project that we will do to with hand tools start to finish. Maybe we should ditch the glue too. Stay tuned.
 Well, the shop is all cleaned up and ready along with everything else. My cousin Lauren is getting married this weekend and they are having the rehearsal dinner here at our house. I leave for Berea Ky on Sunday for a week. When I return I will begin the joinery on the garden tool shed. It's going to be an eventful summer.