Monday, April 16, 2012

Table Class Offered

Recently I had 3 students in a Sheraton style table class here at the shop. A small walnut table with a crotch front dovetailed drawer. The legs were turned and the dovetails were cut by hand. Mortise and tenons and a good lesson in padding shellac. Overall the class was very successful and they learned a lot about hand tools and taking raw lumber to a finished piece.

Here below you see Keith, (me standing), Pete, and Skipper. They were a great group of guys to teach. They were all very focused and fun to cut up with. I think I will offer this class again in the near future. It is a good break from chairs but I look forward to getting back to curves and angles.
I just returned from Berea, Ky. at Kelly Mehler's school helping Peter Galbert for two weeks of turning and chair making. I'll post some pictures very soon.

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