Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wrap it Up Tight

How do you finish the outside of a timber frame structure? I hate to cover the beautiful timbers but the weather says I must. If I used 2x4 studs framed between the post I would lose sight of the interior timbers to interior walls. The best way to insulate a timber frame is by adding all the layers outside of the frame itself. I will start by nailing 4/4 rough sawn oak to the roof and exterior walls. Then a layer of black roofing felt followed by 2" rigid foam insulation. Then a layer of plywood sheathing followed by siding and roof shingles. The interior of the timber frame remains fully exposed and the insulation is not broken up by 2x4 studed walls which gives a better R-value. So all I will see inside is oak walls and timbers. The exterior will have lapp siding with a brick base. With the windows and shutters it will look like an old colonial house.

O.K. maybe I am getting too far ahead here. I purchased a Woodmizer sawmill back in 2006 after a tornado devastated my area. I had access to lots of timber that the city would have piled and burned. I cut lots of 4/4 oak and stickered it away in the pole barn. I have thousands of board feet of this stuff and finally have a use for it. It took a little over a thousand board feet to cover the roof. I still have to do the walls but I am still working on the placement of windows and doors. I have to add some 4x4 posts where the windows and doors will be then I will add the horizontal 4/4 boards. Sounds like a lot of work because it is. I am having the time of my life building this shop but it's nice to get back to furniture making. The rest of the week will be devoted to a curly maple dining table.

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