Monday, August 16, 2010

A Bird in the Hand

One of the best tools we have is our hands. Sometimes I take them for granted and forget that they cannot be replaced. Recently I learned that one of my friends working on a timber frame structure had pinched off the end of his finger while a dovetail joint fell together unexpected. Even the wood itself can be dangerous, not just the tools. Sometimes you can do everything right and stuff just goes wrong. I know my friend will be ok and keep on working wood but I sure hate to hear such stories.
This is my hand below. Nothing fancy, just a hand. To make this tool as efficient as I can it needs to have strength, a strong heart and lungs for support as well as good nutrition. To do this I try to excercise and eat right. Not always easy but letting myself fall apart would be as bad or worse as never sharpening my tools.

Today I glued up the Bird Cage chair I started at Curtis' shop. We never went over the details for completing this chair before I left. It was an adventure to say the least but over all was succesful. I still need to glue the top rail and carve the false miter. I have done this before so maybe tommorrow I'll be ready for paint. This has to be one of the more complicated chairs to make but the challenge has been great fun. I learned so much with this chair and look forward to evolving designs based on this style. And oh is it comfortable!
Recently I completed the loft which allowed me to move lots of stuff off the main floor. Then I finished the sharpening station cabinet with the recycled granite top. You can see it behind the Bird Cage chair. I have built lots of cabinets based on shaker style. I love the simple lines which shows off the cherry really well. I had fun making boxes for a change but have really enjoyed getting back to chairs. The shop is now starting to get that familiar, comfortable feeling which allows me to work more organized and focused on the task.
Soon I will show the Bird Cage chair complete. Now if I can just figure out where to put the birds.


  1. Beautiful chair and looks real comfortable, I would like to one day make one of those , at the moment I am making a rocking chair for my nephew, its taking as long to make as an adult one takes but then again its a design and construct as I go, it was my intention to make Pete's Perch after the rocker but it looks like I have just landed a full time job back in construction site management and the time in the shed (workshop) will be minimal, not complaining , I'll be keeping an eye on you and Petes blogs so keep up the good work and thanks for the blogs and if there are any other chair builders blogs please let me know, cheers, MiM, (Michael in Melbourne, Australia).

  2. Thanks Michael. My favorite method is the design and construct as you go. Good luck with the new job.