Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Three Chair Makers Walk into a Bar

Ok, sounds like the beginning of a joke but it kinda happened. I had a visit from two incredible chair makers last week. Glen Rundell (far right). He builds and teaches windsors in Australia .He was here in the states visiting old friends and other chair makers. Jeff Lefkowitz (center) builds and teaches Brian Boggs classes on ladder back chairs. Glen took a class on ladder backs with Jeff the week before and they both drove here to hang out until Glen flew back home from Nashville the next afternoon. It was great to finally meet Glen and Jeff who previously I had only corresponded with by email. I guess this is sort of a rare picture. Very cool to have one of the best ladder back chair makers in the U.S. and one of the best windsor chair makers in Australia right here in my shop. 
  This is my student David who was also here last week. He was here to make a comb back chair but since it was just him I talked him into making a rocker. He did fantastic!
 Carving the shield seat.
 Carving knuckles
 Friday afternoon day 5 assembly.
 Saturday morning and all complete. Always a comfortable and nice looking chair. Great job David!
 Here is my latest venture, a 1951 Ford 8N tractor to restore. I bought this from Bill Nelson who just sold his farm up in Indiana. We have pulled a few logs from the woods with this old tractor.
 He had the original front rims with the original tires from 1951.
The tractor is in great shape and purrs like a kitten. For those that don't know before I made  chairs I was a diesel mechanic for 17 years so maybe this is my way to use those skills to completely restore this classic. (Hey Jameel I finally got some old American iron)


  1. Jameel has some nice old machines but none you can drive!

    Great looking tractor. Doesn't appear that much needs to e done.


    1. Thanks Ron, this tractor will be a good hobby release from chairs on occasion but for now I may have to lock it away so I can focus on what I should be doing in the shop.........back to work!

  2. Great looking chair, David! It's a tight little community,chairmakers. Had a good time working with you at Kellys' last June.
    All the best, Bill Palmer

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