Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Writing Arm Class part 2

Day 5 begins with drilling the arm and seat for spindles.  Yes we use lasers for this but only in one plane. We simply sight over the arm centered over the spindle deck to line up. Works really well.

 Spindles go in one at a time after careful sizing to the seat, arm and crest rail. The spindle hole through the arm is tapered from underneath and securely matches each spindle.
 Spindles installed waiting for the arm rail.
 Now the fun begins fitting the writing tablet to the chair. It slips over the last spindle and is routed underneath to fit over the arm rail. The two arm post hold the tablet level. This process went very smooth with great results.
 Day 6 and John has the tablet installed.
 Two wedges in the post.
 Martin installs his tablet beginning day 7.
 Fits like a glove.
 A few clamps to set the hyde glue and we are ready for the crest.
 Nice! Two writing arms complete. Ready for some drawers.
 The last day consisted of laying out and chopping dovetails. They insisted on cutting the tails first even though this is wrong. Ha Ha!
 It rained all day which is great for sitting down and chopping dovetails. These guys did great.
 John's completed chair with two dovetailed drawers. The upper drawer is curved to match the tablet. Notice the turned ebony knobs.
 Martin, myself, and John after a long 8 day class. Martin told me everyday how much he enjoyed the class and I feel like we accomplished a lot. Although we were tired we really had fun.
If this looks like something you want to try I am offering the same class again next November. Check out the 2015 schedule and sign up for one of 4 spots in this class. Good luck!


  1. Actually got it home in one piece. My "benefactor" is very happy, she now has a new favorite piece of furniture. Though the comb back rocker is a very close second. Now if she could just decide on a color...

    1. Glad she approves. I look forward to the finished chair pictures. Great job John!