Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Goodbye Tyvek

The continuing good weather has once again forced me to be outside working on the shop. As you can see the "Hardie plank" siding is going up. This stuff has concrete in it and is eating my carbide blades at a fast pace. The siding comes this color and I will paint to taste later. It's looking more like a house all the time but I am glad to finally cover the Tyvek wrap.
Well, thanks to 11 hard working students and the amazing direction of Peter Galbert there are 10 more windsor chairs in the world. One husband and wife team made a chair together. All the students worked well together and stayed on pace. Pete has a way of making things make since to non chairmakers. We all had a great time and Kelly Mehler seemed very pleased how the week went. I look forward to working with Pete in the future.


  1. Greg,

    What an awesome class. It was great to have your instruction and help in the class. The chairs turned out great. Now just to pick a final color. Any recommendations for a hunter green recipe?

    Best Regards, Josh

  2. Hey Josh,
    One of my favorite chair colors. I use Lexington green "old fashion milk paint" Topped with amber shellac and then glazed with burnt umber oil paint which is mostly wiped back off leaving the details of the chair filled with the "age" of the burnt umber. Then a final coat of shellac rubbed out with 0000 steel wool and wax. If you don't want to mess with oil paint just use a very watered down black milk paint over the lexington green then rubbed out with steel wool with a linseed oil, varnish mix topcoat. Don't forget to filter the milk paint. Hope this helps. Send me some pictures!