Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Classic Settee Complete

The 6' settee is finished. The painting took as long as building the piece but I feel it was worth the time spent. This bench will travel with me to the next show in Nashville this spring at the TACA craft fair. Come by and check it out. It's the first weekend in May at Centennial Park.
Well, the garden tool shed has begun. Last week Bill and I cut most of the frame from white and red oak. I really enjoy cutting these on the mill and they cut really fast. 
I loaded all that my trailer would carry. 
  At home I unloaded everything by tying to a power pole and dragging them off. 8 x 8 post which are 16 feet long can weigh as much as 450 pounds when green. My challenge is how to move these around the yard. Back in 2009 when I built my shop I used a John Deere tractor with a front end loader. I no longer have access to this luxury.
 My answer came from our swing set frame and a carpet dolly. With the aid of a chain hoist, moving these beams was a piece of cake.
 Who needs a tractor?
  I was a carpet installer in high school and my old boss is my next door neighbor's dad. A quick phone call and I was re-united with the original carpet dolly I used 26 years ago. I guess you know my age now.
 I moved the sill plates in front of the shop to start the work. I am using white oak for the sills and red oak for everything above grade. I still need to finish the dry stone foundation which this shed will rest. If I failed to mention I will be doing Jack Sobon's garden tool shed from his book. This will be a 12 x 16 shed with an 8' deep front porch. Stay tuned.
 My wonderful hens have really taken to the new coop. I have 7 birds laying 7 eggs per day. Good to know they are all doing their part. Send me your egg recipes.


  1. My family loves crepes. Mix a cup of flour, a cup of milk, 3 eggs, and half a cup of water. I add a few ml of vanilla (bean + 151). Lovely breakfast with fruit, meat, or yogurt/cream inside. Maple syrup on top is a treat demanded by my little daughters.

    Thanks for sharing the pics of the beams, gonna be a beautiful shed for sure.

    The settee is really a masterpiece. Nice work


  2. No egg recipes, but the settee looks great. Looking forward to following the progress of the garden shed. Let me know when raising day is going to be.

  3. Thanks everyone,Cyrus, I must try those crepes. I'll be posting when the raising will be later this spring or early summer. I'll be looking for help.

  4. Gorgeous settee. Also, I am so jealous that you're starting on Sobon's shed, I really want to make one for my blacksmith shop, but I have to wait for now. Please post as much as you can on the shed progress!