Tuesday, March 12, 2013

No...It Can't be Sprayed

 I have been busy lately with lots of various tasks. During these events I have been adding layers of milk paint to this settee. From red to black. Two coats of each. It has been a slow process and I have pulled out all the patience I have to keep going. Someone asked if it could be sprayed. Maybe, but not by me. I tried to spray shellac on a chair years ago with not so good results. Too many dry spots and I could imagine milk paint would be worse. What keeps me focused is the fact that all the time spent to make this piece successful relies on how well I execute the finish. It takes me about 3 hours for one coat with coffee breaks. It's just time, and if I skip a coat because I am lazy I'll surely regret it and wish I had not been in a hurry. Can you tell I am tired of painting this thing? Tomorrow one last coat of black.

  I did find time to open up the new white oak log to see if my money was well spent.
SCORE! Lets hope it bends as good as it looks. It did have some minor twist but not a problem. Isn't wood awesome?
 That's as straight as it comes and this is the second cut log from this tree. Wish I had the butt log.
 It has been a year since I cut this very clear and nice quarter sawn poplar log. Can anybody tell what I am going to make with these boards? Does the book give any clues?

I just received some new toys in the mail. This is the first time I have ordered tools from Patrick Leach and I have to say they are top notch. I asked for good user tools (I am not a collector) and he sent me these beauties. A 605 Stanley and 4 1/2 smoother. These will be a big part of the project with the quarter sawn poplar. More to come.


  1. Keep going Greg. If milk paint was easy everyone would be doing it! - Jamie

  2. Greg - from a humorous side, referencing a Tom Hanks movie comment. "there's no crying in baseball" goes in line with "there's no time for being tired or lazy in chairbuilding" :)) Patiences is a virtue we all need at times. Your project is coming together as you visioned great job. Oh by the way you are going to be making bookshelves. If correct please send the prize to my attention. Have a great day

  3. You are correct Jamie. I think it is the saying "if you are not looking at it you are not painting it" which makes navigating around a 6' bench to see every detail very tiring. But I'm still having fun.
    Robert, it's not bookshelves but a great guess. The book in the picture was written by Chris Schwartz "The Anarchist's Tool Chest" another excuse to chop some dovetails.

  4. Sorry Chris, I meant "Schwarz" I bet this happens a lot.

  5. Greg, do you have one of benchcrafted's moxon vises? You can borrow mine if you want to give it a try, makes dovetailing a lot easier on the back.

    1. Matt, I don't and would love to try it. Looks like another project ahead.