Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Garden Shed Update

I just returned from Indiana with the second load of timber for the garden tool shed. We got cut short from rain moving in but we made a lot of progress with only 7 rafters left to cut for the main frame.
 When cutting the floor joist I rough out the 4 x 6 timbers on the end of the log to see where to start cutting. This is so fast that it almost seems like cheating. Someday I might try to hand hew all the timbers but today this is what will happen. It also helps to justify owning a sawmill.
 Once the trailer is filled up to the rails I know it is loaded to the limit. Green oak can be very heavy. A 16 foot 8''x 8'' oak timber can weigh as much as 450 pounds.
 To date we have cut about about 8 trees for the main frame of the shed. This does not include the lumber to wrap the building or the front porch.
 This is the work horse of the operation. A 1957 Massey ferguson tractor. It always amazes me what this thing can pull.
 Bill keeps his tractor in a barn built back in 1888. I have studied the timber frame structure for long periods of time. All hand hewn timbers of oak, maple, hickory. You can tap on these timbers and they feel like marble. The barn has a date carved into it 1888 and the town of Elberfeld Indiana was founded in 1885. Bill's family bought this farm in 1957 and raised cattle.
The barn has had many changes over the years. The outside is now covered in metal. This barn is huge.

 This is the path that leads into the woods at Bill's farm. I can't even begin to tell you how much wood has been pulled down this path. The wood cut from this land has effected many lives in a positive way. We have been cutting timber from this farm for over 15 years and you can't even tell. Sadly Bill has sold the farm. It will soon be owned by Peabody Coal company. It has been a good source of wood for many woodworkers, chair makers, and timber frames. My whole shop came from this land. The Nelson farm will be missed.


  1. Kinda sad to hear your source is going away, hopefully you have good luck finding another. Glad to hear you have almost all the timbers cut though, looking forward to seeing more joinery!

  2. Yes Pete, I am looking forward to getting started with the joinery. I have several irons in the fire until I get there.