Friday, August 23, 2013

Prep Work

This week I am preparing for a road trip to help Peter Galbert once again teach at Marc Adams School of Woodworking in Indianapolis. I have been taking apart sugar maple logs and turning them into blanks for legs and stretchers.

 As you can clearly see behind my lathe how high the shavings grow and this isn't even half of what I need to round up.
 The clear green maple rounds up fast and I air dry them before turning the final chair parts. I don't have much time since I go to Marcs the first week of September. These legs will egg shape a little but should still make fine chairs. I need to turn enough for 15 chairs.

Here is a quick video of the simple process of rounding blanks. When I am finished I just shovel the shavings out the window into the back of my truck.


  1. If MASW does the usual meet and greet that Tuesday evening, I'll try to stop by and say hello. I'd like to meet you and Peter.


  2. Hey Mike, please stop by and say hello.