Thursday, November 7, 2013

Camping Boxes-What?

Let me introduce you to Hendersonville native Johnny Watson. Johnny is a retired police officer that works harder than most people I know. He has some really cool tractors and I help him bush hog on occasion and he helps me pull trees from creek beds. He came to me and wanted to know if I could build him some camping boxes that he could pack on mules to carry through the rocky mountains when he goes elk hunting. This was a first for me but boxes? How hard could it be? 

 After following some very strict measurements this is what we came up with. Being the woodworker that I am I had to dovetail the drawer and burn an elk on the front. I think it adds something, don't you?

 Four boxes, two for each mule. They stand up when at camp to make a kitchen. These will be going to Montana soon. Actually as I am writing this they are probably there now. I hope Johnny brings back some elk steaks to cook on the Kamado Joe grill!
 I do still make chairs and just completed 4 sack backs for a lady in Nashville. Soon I will schedule a class for the sack back probably in March. My comb back rocker class is full for January. Next week I'll be building a tool cabinet like the one in my shop for Jet to use for a photo shoot. More to come.....


  1. Wow! Johnny looks like a proud Papa!

  2. Hey Mike, hope to see you guys over the holidays. Your Dad said ya'll might be in town!