Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Timber Frame Update

Work has been slow on the little timber shed. The frame has turned a nice shade of grey. Recently I had two red cedar trees that had to be taken down at my parents house, (my childhood home). These trees grew deep in the woods and were estimated between 120-150 years old. They were about 40 feet tall which is tall for cedar. The upper logs made nice front porch post for my shed. 

 All I had to do was draw knife off the bark and cut to length. They peel like potatoes.
 My good friends Ziggy and April have stopped by and offered their help with this process. I wish I had their energy. Oh....to be young again.
 April peels the last log. Looks like she is having fun.
 They teach timber frame workshops up in Missouri which they are moving from on their way to their new home in Berea, Kentucky. It's always great to have fresh ideas from people who live these methods of work. Using hand tools and working by eye is something not many people do anymore.

 The post are notched at the top to house the top plate. Easy to accomplish with square timbers but round post require more thought. Notice the cool log dogs that Ziggy uses to keep the post in place while working.
 All the post fit like a glove. Today we cut and fit all the wall girts. I will be ready for wrapping the building with 4/4 lumber as soon as I can get back to the mill which is still in Indiana. Thanks again for the great work Ziggy and April. You two are the best!
 I have started the tool cabinet for Jet and hope to post more on this soon.

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