Friday, March 7, 2014


My little timber frame shed sits patiently waiting for winter to end. The polar vortex has kept any progress from occurring. This is fixing to change hopefully soon.

 Meanwhile I have had a bit of a break from classes until next month so I thought I would do some shop chores. I built this firewood box from 80 year old barn wood from my wife's grandfather's farm.
 I ran out of firewood last month trying to keep up with these record cold temps. I love having some firewood close to the stove during the day. This is a built in unit based on some Shaker styles I have seen.
 Today the weather has been textbook. I went to my favorite log yard (Woodstock Mills) in Scottsville, Ky. and bought the Tennessee state tree, Tulip Poplar (also the Kentucky state tree). These will be sawn into boards to cover the timber frame.
 I have set up the sawmill next to the shed to make things simple. I will nail these boards on green as I saw them.
 I will quarter saw them so they will not shrink too bad. They will dry on the shed before I cover with rigid foam and siding/ roofing. Stay tuned to see the progress.


  1. Beautiful pictures, thanks for posting them, and those are some perfect looking logs! How much weight do you guess is on the trailer?

  2. Thanks Pete,
    We guessed about 8000 pounds on the trailer. She was loaded.

  3. That firewood box is awesome! So are those logs. Exciting to be getting that roof on! Michael Murray says Hey. All our best!

  4. Thanks Mike, hi Michael Murray, won't be long until you start training that boy to split firewood and till a garden!!