Friday, May 16, 2014

Chair Makers Bench Part 1

Well, I barely got use to the idea of making a new bench and the hardware from Benchcrafted shows up via UPS. Wow, that was fast. Everything looks great. The highest quality from an American company just makes me smile. Don't you wish everyone put this kind of effort in what they did.

I'll be making this bench from walnut. Not because it is the premier cabinet wood but I have been sawing this wood for years and have a ton of 8/4 material. Actually 3 tons. Maple was my first choice but what I have is still too green. I started with the leg stock. I'll laminate 8/4 pieces to make the legs 3 1/2'' thick. I have a class to teach this weekend so I'll pick back up on this Monday.

I finished up my sack back rocker which I taught 2 weeks ago. I managed to get bursitis in my right elbow while teaching this class so I quit the demos on this chair. It sucks getting old but it seems I have recovered. I think it was splitting the 8' logs that did it. My son Logan may be the answer to this problem. What 14 year old boy would not want to pound sledges into wedges splitting white oak. 

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