Sunday, May 4, 2014

New Old Table

Here are some studio shots taken by my good friend Fell Merwin. This table is made from 70 yeear old beech taken from my wife's grandfather's barn in Kentucky.
 Great character in those old boards that were very weathered and full of nail holes.
 I wish I had more of this wood. The finish is a shellac and glaze mix to slightly darken the surface. The knob is turned from ebony.
 Today my friend George Gruhn came by to pick up his new chair. I owe him all the credit for changing the way I carve my volutes on these chairs. George owns Gruhn Guitars in Nashville and knows a lot about Stradivarius violins and the perfect spiral on their volutes. Actually I think he wrote the bible on vintage guitars.
George got me to focus on the perfect spiral in nature that just feels right and looks great. I couldn't agree more. Thanks again George, I hope you like the chair.


  1. John CunninghamMay 5, 2014 at 6:08 AM

    The table looks great Greg!

  2. Thanks John. It's fun to break away from chairs on occasion.

  3. Wow Greg! That is a great finishing job on that table. By and large I am underwhelmed by the reclaimed wood furniture I have seen because the material often speaks so loud. That table speaks my language.

  4. Greg, it's a rare eye that looks at wood like that and sees a table. Looks great.

  5. Thanks guys for the kind words.