Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fan Back Class at Kelly Mehler's School of Woodworking

Time spent at kelly Mehler's school is time well spent. We had a great group of guys who had lots of chair making experience. The ones who were making there first chair soaked up Curtis' instructions with ease. 
 That's the beauty of Curtis' style of teaching which is simplistic straight forward methods that people can connect with without their head exploding. He has done this long enough and is a natural at what he does. Oh, and did I mention what great stories he tells.
 Here are shots of the students hard at work. Sam, I must have missed you.

 If I failed to mention we built the Fan Back Windsor designed by Dave Sawyer and refined by Curtis Buchanan. This chair looks good 360 degrees.
 I believe Kelly was pleased with the job that Curtis did and probably will have him back in the future.

Next week I will review the new draw knife from John Neeman tools that I help develop last year. It arrived in the mail while I was in Berea and it is a thing of beauty. I will also update the progress on the timber frame shed.


  1. Thanks for putting these up Greg. Too bad I had to come home and go back to work. Nice meeting you and hope to see you again.


  2. Andrew, It was inspiring having you in the class. You are an exceptional chair maker.