Sunday, July 7, 2013

Timber Frame Shed Foundation

We have had so much rain lately that I am just now getting the foundation done for the tool shed. Seven floor joist that have to be cut to length and sized at the ends to fit the mortise.
 After cutting to length I saw kerfs down to just above the correct depth of the tenon.
 I knock these off with the carpenter axe.
 Then simply plane the surface off to the line with the slick.
 These are white oak floor joist and work easy in clear grain. This wood is very green.
 The last step is to adze off the stepped surface down to the tenon.
 I think this is done to help prevent cracks down the beam.
 Ready to install in the frame, the floor joist from start to finish only takes about 10 minutes.
 All seven joist done and waiting for the frame to begin.
 The foundation is ready. We have set the date for the barn raising for August 17th. The Cumberland Furniture Guild is going to have their summer meeting here based around this raising. All are welcome to come so mark your calenders.
 I'll leave you with this bit of color. Raspberries are coming in and with all the rain they are very sweet. Stay tune for more timber framing post. I'll start the three bents next.


  1. I really enjoy your blog ( and have enjoyed quietly for quite some time), but I have to admit that I absolutely LOVE your timber framing posts! I can't wait for more!