Sunday, July 28, 2013

Paint Lick

Inspiration comes from many places and yes even the small town of Paint Lick, Kentucky. Don Weber is a bodger, blacksmith, timber framer, teacher and probably anything he wants to be while using old ways to make his chairs and other furniture. He is a master of the spring pole lathe. While teaching with Curtis Buchanan last week we took a field trip from Kelly Mehler's school over to Don's shop.
 Don, who has unending energy, took us all over his shop and discussed various techniques that he uses. Below you see him talking with Curtis and reminiscing the past. Friday night with these guys telling stories and tasting hand crafted beer which is brewed next door. Doesn't get much better than that.
 All over the shop tools awaiting Don's hands are covered in the dust from a days work. The tools themselves are art. It seems like I'm seeing my future inside his shop.

 His blacksmith shop in the back is very inspiring and would be impressive on its own.
 Here Don explains how he makes his own charcoal from hardwood scraps from the shop. He burns them in the barrel while controlling the air and fire at the right time.
 He has a very impressive box of timber frame tools that I wish I could get my hands on.
 Even Roy Underhill was there. What a character!
 Here is one of Don's chairs.

 What a great evening spent with Don Weber. I hope to return again someday and hear some more great stories.
This week I am cutting the joints for the garden tool shed. I'll show more on that later and talk about our class at Kelly's. Stay tuned.

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