Monday, January 13, 2014

Comb Back Rocker Day 1

I have 4 students here this week representing 4 different states starting the comb back rocker. They are  roughing out the spindles and the crest blank. Tomorrow we start carving the crest volutes and steam bending.

 Mike brought his smart head shave horse that he built at kelly Mehler's school that Peter Galbert taught last year. Mike did a great job finishing this horse into a work of art.

 It was a great first day. Everyone looks so serious. Did I crack the whip too hard?
I'll post their progress later this week. Stay tuned......


  1. Greg, tell Mike I'll NOW have to put a finish on MY Galbert horse.
    PS. I'm envious that I'm not with you guys.

  2. Bill, Wish you could be here. I showed the guys your Lignum Vitae wood. Always impressive.