Sunday, January 19, 2014

Wood Rocks!

After days of making chair parts the comb back rocker class was an amazing success. The last peg was driven late afternoon of the sixth day.

 The carving of the knuckles and comb went better than I could have imagined. These guys were here to work.
 Mike's carved knuckle. You would think he had done this before.
 Tom cleaning up the comb getting ready for assembly.
 Pete Galbert's rocker slot cutting jig was a big hit and made these rockers fall in place.
 Tom was very happy with the first chair to come together end of day five.
 John is building his first windsor this week and did a great job.
 Sam enjoyed sitting in the piece he worked so hard on all week.
 John got to rest awhile in his first windsor.
 The rocker jig really makes for a tight clean joint. I owe you one Pete.
 Overall the class was such a great success and four students went home very happy.
 Here is the crew on the last day. These were some of the highest quality chairs I have seen come out of a chair class. Great job guys. Now go get some rest.


  1. Absolutely Fabulous! Congratulations to all you guys, especially to my old friends Tom and Mike. Speaks volumes about the teacher!

  2. It was an awesome class, thanks again Greg. Hope everyone got home safe.

  3. It was a great class, Greg, and I thoroughly enjoyed the week. Everyone who sees my chair is impressed and it's not even painted yet. Thanks again, Tom

  4. Thanks guys for the kind words. The shop seems lonely once again.