Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Crowning Moment

The long awaited tool cabinet for Jet Tools is complete. Today I finished it off with the crown moulding. Here is a simple way to make crown moulding over the table saw.
 I have a blade made for this from CMT designed by Lonnie Bird. You can still do this with a regular blade but it takes more scraping to clean up the saw marks.
 First I set the plywood fence roughly 45 degrees to the blade. I just eyeballed this since I wasn't matching any existing moulding.
 After several passes using 4'' by 7/8'' stock raising the blade about 1/8'' for every pass I get this nice cove. Then using the curved scraper I eliminate the scratches and then finish with sand paper.
 Then I tilt my table saw blade to 45 degrees to trim the sides.
 Here is what you get. Crown moulding made from the same wood that everything else on the cabinet  is made from. The best part is you don't have to go to the big home store to buy it. (they don't have cherry moulding anyway).
 A few miter cuts and I'm in business. All I have left is to apply the oil finish and deliver to Jet. I'll be teaching this cabinet in a few weeks with 3 students. Should be fun!


  1. Good job Greg, now what...3 more next week? :) BTW- Great cropping out the background on the pix of the table saw setup, you can't even tell...

  2. Thanks John, Yes, I know, soon I hope to see the floor of my garage shop again. I may have to bring in the National Guard to help with the clean-up.

  3. Hey Greg: You might want to put the diagonal fence to the down side of the cutter. I lost about 3/4 " of my finger because the cutter caught the piece and threw it(allowing my finger to go into the blade,Ouch!) Happened 35 years ago, but still feel it.

  4. Bill, Thanks for the info. Sorry about your finger. I do use a push block over the blade. I have used another board on the back side before which is safer. It only takes one bad move.