Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Big Shop

Warm sunny weather has a way of keeping me out of the shop and in the great outdoors or what I like to call "the big shop". This break from freezing temps allows me to stock up on some raw materials that I have been thinking about for some time. 
 First ,I have been patiently waiting to saw this eastern red cedar cut from my childhood home last fall. To my surprise they had some nice figure and very red centers with few knots. The tops became the front porch post on the timber shed.
 These boards may become some family heirlooms. I cut all this 5/4 since society wants me to make cedar chests. What else could be made from these boards? I'll have to wait a year to know. Check out that curl.
 Today I called upon my good friends at Woodstock Mills log yard in Scottsville, Ky. to look at some maple and poplar.
 The thawing frost has turned the log yard into a muddy mess. These two sugar maples look like they were pulled from the bottom of the river. These will become another Roubo bench for the timber frame shop along with those awesome Benchcrafted vises.
 Tyler pulled a couple of good poplar logs that I can use for all sorts of odd and ends, dovetailed drawers, seat blanks, etc..
 I unloaded and washed the mud from the logs to allow the blades to last longer. I spent the rest of the day cutting lumber which I was too tired to get a picture. I will stack and sticker all this in the morning. I will say the logs proved to be very good material.
 Here is a shot of the last day of class with Pete and Skipper. The tool cabinets came out sublime.
 Check out those two old crotches (on the doors). Can't wait to see those oiled up. These guys will finish them up at home but I am very impressed with what we accomplished in 6 days.
Next week it's back to chair making!

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