Thursday, February 6, 2014

Updating the Machine Shop

 I'll be teaching a tool cabinet class next week and I don't think I have ever had to do so much prep work for a class before. Making chairs and using hand tools in the timber frame shop is another world that I have spent a lot of time in the last few years. Therefore I have neglected my machine area which is the garage shop. I have a 6'' jointer on the verge of locking up. My old Jet 15'' planer is screaming in pain. The shop is a mess, tools are lost, clamps are awry, and life is just sad in this shop, so.........

I picked up some new tools from my good friends at Jet. It's nice to live near the Jet main headquarters.
My good friend Doug who owns and operates Lynn's Patio Shop here in Hendersonville offered his truck and driving skills to pick up these tools, all 1500 pounds of them. If you live local you should check out Doug's store full of high end patio furniture and Kamado Joe grills. He has low overhead which allows him to offer awesome deals. How'd you like that free plug ,Doug?

After hours of un- crating and some assembly required I have the new tools up and running, ready for class.

 I replaced the worn out 6'' jointer with this 12'' version that doubles as a planer. Also has the helical cutters.

 Then I moved up to the 20'' 5 HP planer with helical cutters. These things are so much quieter and smooth. I ran some walnut crotches through with no tear-out. I had to power them with 2 new circuits but I have another 60 amp sub panel to pull from. I also plumbed them to a new dust collector. My wife likes how the jointer dust hose feeds under the stairs going into the house.
Well, I still have lots more cleaning, replacing lots of bulbs and saw blades and I'll be ready for class on Monday. More to come.


  1. Wow, Greg. You have done some major cleanup in your garage shop. Looks good. Tom

  2. Thanks Tom, lets see if I can keep it that way.....