Thursday, February 13, 2014

Tool Cabinet Class Day 3 and 4

A lot of progress has been made on the tool cabinet class. Day 3 we finished up the main frame of the upper and lower case. 

 Pete was excited to see the side panels glued up! We get a little goofy at the end of the day.
 Day 4 started with a "Dadofest" The carcass that houses all the little drawers is assembled using Baltic birch ply.
 Skip and Pete work late tonight making all the drawers for the upper cabinet.
 A good day of work. Tomorrow we will start with the drawer fronts and then doors.


  1. Wow. Great work.

  2. Great job guys!

  3. Say Pete, will you teach me that Irish jig dance step you were doing!?!? Now I know why Skip looks so exhausted in the last pic. Too much dancing. :-)

  4. Dado fest!!! Sorry I missed it Greg. Is that when you drink beer? Oh,oh that's Octoberfest...
    All those little drawers are dovetailed...right?

  5. The cabinets look awesome Greg, that would be a great class to do, but a bit hard to pack on the plane and get home!