Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Beech Vacation!!

Well, maybe not the beech vacation I hoped for. I just acquired some free firewood. 30'' diameter beech. My stove is smaller than most and I have to cut my own firewood 12'' long to fit the stove. This was some beautiful wood but my sawmill is set up in Indiana right now and I had no way to pick up a 3000 pound log. It does split into nice looking firewood. Anyone needing exercise or want to work on their new years resolution please stop by for some splitting action. I'll even buy lunch!

I'm just about finished with a youth chair I've been making for a customer in North Carolina. Here are the beginnings of the carved knuckles.

 This is always a fun little chair to make. I'll try to show some completed photos after painting soon.

Here is Ziggy's first chair that he completed today. I think he will make a fine chair maker.  
 Here he is painting the red base coat of milk paint. I think he will finish this with some Bayberry Green paint for the last two coats. While this coat was drying he carved a spoon and turned a rolling pin. Good job Zig!


  1. Great looking kids chair Greg!

  2. Thanks Glen. They are fun to make.

  3. Nice photo of that goofy young man....