Thursday, January 31, 2013

Quality Time

Years ago when I first started blogging about what I did around the shop( hence the name) I wanted to go into details about what went on around here on a daily basis. There is so much more than just chair making that happens around here. This post shows just a few of the things that have taken place this week. First and foremost Logan, my son, has taken interest in making a simple stool. Now when Logan takes an interest in something like this I have tried not to overlook the fact that this is quality father and son time that I should not take for granted. We both approached this project with the idea we would use only hand tools and I took advantage to teach Logan all I could about legging up a stool which is the foundation to the lower end of the windsor chair. I am so close to getting Logan ready to build his first chair and I could not be more enthusiastic about this adventure. Below you can see the bottom of Logan's stool which he has used the scrub plane. He loved this surface and will not refine it any further. 
 Here are the legs to the stools which Logan preferred the copper wire burning for his legs. I opted for the simple cigar style turning with no ornamentation. I turned all the stretchers and they are cooking in the kiln. We should be assembling the stools maybe tomorrow or Saturday which I will post some completed photos. Logan helped and mostly designed this simple stool.
 Last weekend I found my way to the Nashville flea market. Not expecting to find much I came across this beautiful 4'' timber frame slick. I could not resist and wondered what such a hunk of metal would feel like through cross grain tenons. I think I got a really good deal and brought it home. Looks like someone really pounded the handle to an early death.
 Below you see after a new handle of sugar maple and a little sharpening it is ready for work. I still plan to build a garden tool shed later this winter and plan to test her out.
 Moving along I wanted to show my progress on my library which has been in shambles since last year when I put in the loft steps. My books and woodworking magazines have been out of control for over a year until last week when I got this bookcase built along with a new desk in one end of the loft. This is a great place to read or just relax in my rope chair. I don't know if this will make my productivity go up or down.
 Logan took this picture last night of me working on the stools. We are using the laser method to drill the holes and ream the legs. Logan designed the stool you see in the foreground. I will be teaching a weekend class on this stool next summer at the Appalachian Center for Craft in Cookeville.
 Also this week April has finished her side chair. Ziggy and April have done a great job completing their first chairs. Ziggy who has already finished and painted his chair is building a Galbert style ratcheting shave horse. I'll post some pictures when it's done. April is going to paint her chair before they head back home to Missouri.
 I can't leave out this week without a picture of my good friend Pete Wiens who is sawing out bowl blanks from the beech log I brought home. I have turned 2 bowls this week from this which came out pretty good. I have lots to learn about this process but Pete is a great turning instructor. There is nothing more fun than turning green wood. This has been a busy week but I love the variety of things that have happened. I have not evened mentioned half of what has gone on this week but it has been quality time.

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  1. Greg - Excellent post. Quality time is priceless.